one of many reasons i love my Nikon D7000

So i work at Peace Camera and make a few posts a month.  There had been a few posts that i included a few pics.  I used a wonderful feature in the D7000.  In the menu system of the 7000 you can take an image either in Nikon RAW (NEF) or a jpg and scale it down for web use.  It then i saved on to the SD Card.  The in camera editing has really been stepped up in this camera.  If i were to just make the RAW file in to a jpg, cause it is an NEF, i have all the same edit controls i would in  very basic editing program.  Sizing, Compression, WB, exposure compensation, Picture Control, noise reduction, color space and D-Lighting.

What would one do with this feature?  Well,  for one use it to update on my works blog and will use it to upload pics to this blog. Since i am solely a RAW Shooter.  Other Social Networking sites, you could do the same with.    Another useful way of using this future would be making a jpg for a paying client right then and there. Or possibly making a print of the image you just captured to see how the dynamic range of the three tones in it will truly look.  You would do this because Printers can not read RAW files.

That is if you do Print.

example image just converted with this feature.

Yep, that is my perdy face


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