My newest photo toy.

Wireless flash is something that s not new to me.  I started using wireless flash back in the early 2000’s.  Minolta had a great simple system when hey introduced the Minolta Maxxum 7 and the HS3600 flash. The system worked so great that it really was point and shoot.  The HS5600 flash they made was more manual if needed.  This wireless system tansfered in to the Sony Alpha line when they did their whole thing.

So Off camera wireless flash has been around for some time now, ad has gotten just wonderful.  But i truly feel that to truly learn how to “Paint with light”  you should learn how o build up light and manually control it.  Enter the Radio Frequency triggers.  Hands down Pocket wizards are the best.  But who can really afford to drop thousands of dollars, possibly, to cover every  flash and strobe that you own?

Interfiit distributed a “Twinlink” system made by a company called Secline, and they worked great, ad priced really well at $150 for a receiver and transmitter.  They were my go to fr just over a year now.  I still love them, ad highly recommend them.  But because of price mainly i decided to give the Phottix a shot.  The local rep for them came in and showed them, ad i thought what the hell, i will try them.

There is the link to get all the technical stuff about them, but here is my experience.  After unloading the shipment, i pieced them together and attached a vivtar 285.  I figured that if i can handle an old vivitar, then they will have no problems with a Nikon or Canon Speedlite.  So i left the flash and phottix on the counter in he back of the store, at about 1/16 power, for the fast recycle time.   I then walked towards the front of the store hitting the button on the trigger every few steps. I did this until i ht the front door of the store.  So far no miss fires.  So i continued out the front of the store in to the parking lot. No miss fires.   Crossing the street now, pausing in the middle to trigger it, and an to the other side.

So now i am across the street from the store, and in the parking lot of the company across from us still hitting the triggers button. So finally i make i to the back of the parking lot, up against the corner of the building, across the street from were the flash and Phottix receive is.  Impressive, i thought.  For a very inexpensive trigger, to not miss fire and have the rage of 150-160 feet is great.

Since then, i have used the Phottix in studio firing a Viviar 285, Nikon SB28 and an Elinchrom Quadra Ranger. I like the fact that the Phottix has a hot shoe connection on it, to were i don’t have to use little connecting cables.  I let a frind borrow my Photix an she has done two shoots with them.    I even had sold her the Twinlink system i love. She has not had any problems with the Photix either.

The last two thing about the system and then i will shut up. The price. $80 will get you a trigger and a receiver.  Additional $50 per receiver. Great value. Not only is this a wireless flash system, it is a RF wireless camera release too.  Inexpensive RF releases are $50, so I feel Like I really scored with this one.  Third thing, and he last.  The plastic casing is not cheap, I really do not feel like it is cheap plastic, even to Chinese cheap plastic standards.  I feel they will take some abuse.   I sure will be giving it to them!


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