Couple of quick things.

Ok, so some of you may know that I am in a coed soccer league.  I want to invite you all out to come and watch.  If you are in need of practice for shooting sports, come on out, and when I am not playing I would be more than willing to give some tips and tricks about sports shooting.

I am on the Ruckus FC (Soccer) team.  We happen to play tonight at 615 at the Kwanis Park.  There is a link to a map to find all our locations we play at.  Come cheer me on and see my mad football skills, then join me at Ruckus in Mission Valley for a few slices and some Beer.

Second item on  my mind today is about the Sony CLM-V55BDL Video Monitor.  We got two in last week at the store, and Greg bought one, right when i showed him.  They are absolutely great for those that do video.

Local celebrity Christopher Martin (Play the one with out the big hair, from Kid-n-Play) was a bit upset with us when we showed him how awesome it was.  He took one home too!.  I will write more about the monitor when I get a hold of Greg’s for an evening.  But next week we will have more in stock for you all to check out.

Third thing on my mind today it kind related to stuff that is covered in my Fotosmartz photography workshops.  My Fundamentals workshop has been very popular and we have many attendees showing up because of referrals from friends that have already taken it.  During the introduction of Greg and myself, I always emphasize the rush we all are in our lives.  Kids gotta be at an activity at 7pm, pick up the dry cleaning, get Dogfood, etc…..

Why is it that we do the same thing with our photography?  Why are we in such a rush to just capture a pic.  Does it not sound more impressive to say “I waited just for the right time to Compose this lovely image?”  The great photographers of the past would walk by the same object daily and say to them selves, “Not today, it is not ready yet.”

I promise that if we all adopt this in our photography lives we all will get better images.  Taking the time to observe our subject and study it, you will get the “WOW”  from your friends when you show them the new image you took!  There is no need to take a thousand pics of the same subject, you later lose time from your family and friends when you are in post editing, and you also rack up the shutter actuations in your camera, shortening the life of it!

So my favor to ask of you all is to slow it down when you shoot, and make Compositions, and not just capture your life’s images.



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