Fun at the State Fair

These pics are several years old and shot with film.  But the following advice goes for both film or digital. Exposure is exposure!

First off these pics were shot with Manual exposure setting up the cameras ISO with 100 (Had too since it was film) Shutter speed was 2-3 seconds and  i set up my Aperture to be one stop Under exposed to allow for the shutter speed.  Her is sorta what my cameras meter would have looked like.  – I..I..0..I..I + (One of the markers shall look like it is bold) That was not exactly how i imagined it would have typed out. ( I would be more than happy to talk with any one one on one about it.)

I was using day lite balanced film, so i would suggest a Day lite balanced White balance, only to keep true to color.  You might try a custom white balance with an Expo Disk or something.  Finally I used a sturdy tripod and a cable release.

Maybe i should get a group together and we all meet up at the Fair for a photo workshop. Show you all my secrets!  Below are my results, I am more than happy to discuss and meet up and give advice.

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