Not my typical Wednesday

My Wednesday started out pretty typical.  Work, Game night for summer heat.  Yeah we won!  Our second shut out in a row.  every one on the pitch earned it, we worked hard.  Andy (Fast as shit) Rocketed a lovely goal in the upper 90.  Any who, i decided to skip the typical Ruckus Celebration after every game, and go see a friend play at an open mic.  I was a bit out of it cause of the game but i really did enjoy my self.  There were a few bands playing last night, and i did enjoy them.  But i was there supporting my friend.

For me what was some what interesting, this is probably the first music event that i didn’t take any pictures.  Odd for me since i really do enjoy live shows.  Local small venues are my favorites.  Before i forget, here is a link the my friend Lisa’s Reverbnation site.

her profile pic is one that i had done for her a while back.  I wanted the pic to look some what like she just had a three day bender.  Not the case though.  But in my Portraits page there is a page and a slide show of the pics we recently too together.  Here is a link for those a bit too lazy to search for it.

These new pics were shot at my studio and like always with my D7000 and Tamron 28-75 f2.8 combination.  For the lighting i was using the Elinchrome Quadra Ranger set from work, set real low.  (Tangent)

Another Tangent, that will be tied back to last nights music.  The Quadra set is my favorite lighting set of all time.  It is ultra compact, powerful and easy.  The three things  most should look for in lighting.  There is a try before you buy promotion going on at Peace Camera.  $75 gets you the Quadras for a day to see if you  want to purchase them.  You will if you use them just once.  The Quadras are not cheap though.  $2300.  I can tafford that just yet, hence why i rent/borrow them from the store often.  Now to tie it to last night.  If i were shooting last night, no doubt i would have the quadras with me to light up the Lovely Lisa Quinn.

Go check her page out listen to her music, and if you  know of or have a place she can play, Hire her! My room mate David did when he had a fund raiser for his Bike and Build trip last summer.

Last night Lisa got some wonderful complements, and high fives and great jobs.  She made some good contacts.  I just hope i can make her some great pics she can use to promote her self.


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