A word about the Blind

In the past i have heard and seen that individuals that are blind actually make great photographers.  Several years ago i saw a photo book from a blind man.  He lived in New York City and had taken photos with a Kodak point and shoot.  He took photos by what he heard.  Every photo was very well composed and the book was designed very well.

My thoughts on this came about when i passed the School for the blind on my morning commute.  I then thought about what kinda derogatory remarks one blind person would say to another.  “Darkey” came to mind.  If any one knows about this let me know, i am sure that this is gonna be a great useful piece for trivia night.

Back to  Blind Photography.  Just Google stuff on it, i am sure there are lots of blind photographers.  What i have seen out there is way more landscapes and city scape photography from that group.  Makes way more sense.  I am not doubting the capability of Blind Portrait photographers, but i imagine it would be hard to set power outputs on studio lighting blind.  Unless their assistants were damn good.

here is the first link that Google comes up  with.


Found a Flickr group too.  Awesome.

Here is a link to the Quadras from yesterdays post, i forgot to get that for you all.



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