New Respect for Dog Photographers!

Last night i had the opportunity to help out some friends.  These two lovely ladies have huge hearts and work with local places to help foster and place Pitbull puppies and dogs in to loving homes.  So last night in my studio i had the opportunity to take pics of two Beautiful Pitbulls.   Here are two teaser pics of my new friends Ruckus and Luna.

Now i was tired at the end of the night, but i really had so much fun watching three ladies in pin up outfits and heels corral two free spirited pups.  Here is some contact info, for you all if you want to help out with some cool dogs,  Pit Crew Pitbull Rescue

So now for technical stuff.  I was some what just wanting some clean lighitng, very basic.  So out came my Vivitar 285’s gelled hitting the background, Interfit Stellar Extreme 300 with a 15″ Gridded Beauty dish as fill, the new Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Ringflash (Borrowed from Greg Myers, thanks Dude) as my Key.  Channel B from the Quadra was also fill. I shot my D7000 of coarse and used the Nikon 35mm f2.  Special thanks to Lisa, Lauren, Elyse, Morgan, Ruckus and Luna!


Went to the river to take pics of a beautiful woman and all i got was Poison Ivy!

About a week ago i took off to the Haw River just out side Pittsboro.  Took my friend, the Lovely Kelsey to take some pics and do a bit of chillin down by the water.  The weather was better than perfect.  It was a bit hot and muggy at first, but after being in the water it turned out great.

After getting to one of my favorite location at this park, Kelsey noticed a gigantic tree up on some bolders in the middle of the river.  Naturally we had to shoot on the tree.  We saved it till last because he had to cross the river.  That morning i had the though of bringing my Pelican case with me.  My “Sound, Just woken up” Logic decided against it.  So towards the end of the shoot i end up swimming across part of the river with my camera held high over my head praying to the camera gods, that i do not sink or get knocked to were my camera gets dunked.

for most anything i keep my kit simple, i really hate being in the situation to were i have to second guess my gear, or not have confidence in it.  So that applied to this day too.  it seems that i am quite happy with my Vivitar 285’s Phottix Strato RF wireless triggers, my Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 and my Nikon D7000.  I really would have loved to have the Wescott Apollo’s with me but i was too lazy to carry any more gear.

here is the link to the Apollos.  My opinion is they are the best “Softbox” for Speed lights.

the 28″ is cool and works so well, but the 50″ is were it is at.
So below are just a hand full of the great pics Kelsey and I made together during our fun trip to the Haw River!

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What an interesting Evening!

While having dinner at Chargrill on Hillsboro St. The city seemed to just explode.  What seemes to be all of Raleighs Emergency Servies, Fire Department, and Police hauled ass down Boylin Rd. down towards North St.  Sitting across from my friend Fred, who is also a photog, i was like “hurry up and lets go make some pics!”  What we came across what  a wreck.  But only one car was on the accident scene.  The Police on scene didn’t have any information for us.  So below is  the pics taken this evening.  The only edits done are RAW conversion to a Web safe JPEG.