My New Gig.

Wow what a special treat for you all today.  Two posts in one day.  Fortunate enough for you, they are mostly photo posts and no too much of me carrying on about how great o a photographer i am.

But any ways,A few weeks ago i heard back from the Photo Editor from the local paper and got things set up to shoot he local Pro Soccer Team, the Carolina Railhawks. 

They are great bunch of guys, and a great value for entertainment for a family.  To top that off they are number one in the league and killing every one in total points. 15 points over the second place team, Puerto Rico Islanders.  Interesting thing is, that the Islanders beat the Railhawks last season for the league championship.

So my rig for the game i shot last week on the 30th, was my Nikon D7000. and the Nikon 80-200 f2.8.  ISO was 800-3200, f4 and 1/500-1/640 for the shutter speed. Oh what really saved me that night was the cool little seat we have from clik elite.

cool comfy seat.

So any way take a look at the pics and hit me up let me know what you think.

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