Fun toys i look forward too……

It is not a lie, i love lighting modifiers.  Not sure it there is a support group or a pill i need to take for that.  Bigger is better, is my thought about it.  For studio work when i get a chance to use the Elinchrome Quadras or the Interfit Stellar Extreme, out come my 48″ octo and or my 30×40 box.   Here recently i have been not bringin out the bigguns and just stuck with the Vivitar 285’s and the SB-26.  For those it is either the Honl grid or the Westcott Apollo.

What Westcott has decided to treat me with are these, Magic Slippers!  Also there will be a 36″ octo to fit your speedlite.  I am way stoked.  There will be sample images soon, the day we get them in from Wescott.

The strobist movement has been pretty fun.  I sorta still have a bad taste in my mouth for it.  Not because i do not think it is not real lighting.  I have quite enjoyed my time just using speedlite.  What it is, is the DIY crowd in strobists.  The Systems Network guy that thinks he can make a better beauty dish from his wife’s cooking ware.  Come on dude the companies making all the cool gadgets for our flashes spent way too much money to make sure the light modifier is outputting the best light possible.  Besides i much rather be out shooting with my way cool toy, than sitting in my kitchen putting 100 plus hours, getting it just right.

Here are some links to a few companies that make modifiers for speedlites.


here is my second favorite thing named Apollo!


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