As close to wild life as I can get

Last week on my day off i made a trip down to the NC Zoo in Asheboro.  I forgot that it was a bit of a drive.  But i did enjoy myself quite a bit.  The entertainment there was fairly in expensive.  I told my friends i was going to the zoo to watch the monkeys do it”.  That did not happen i was a bit upset,  but i did return back with some great pics.  I did use my Tamron 70-200 f2.8.  My favorite lens btw.  I know this is a very sharp lens.  I was very impressed with how sharp it was shooting through the Zoo’s Safety Glass.  Several of the pics below were through the glass.

Showing them  to a coworker Bryan.  He later that week spent the day playing with the Tamron glass in the store.  Every few seconds i would hear “Man, that is a sharp lens!”  Bryan saw a few of my pics from the past, and liked them.  Now he is toying with the idea of getting the Tamron to shoot with for him and his wife, for weddings or for what ever.

While at the zoo, there was only just two times that i had to shoot wide open at 2.8 with the lens.  Mostly because i needed more light.  Like when i was trying to shoot the puffins playing in the water.  There i think i would have really appreciated using a f1.8 or even a f1.4 lens.  The rest of the day i was sitting at f4.0 as an aperture.  My shutter speed of coarse was all over the place, but i kept a watch on it making sure it did not drop below 1/250. When i was watching the elephants dance under the trees, I did close down and was using an aperture of f8.  Because of their size and the distance away from me i wanted quite a bit more DOF on them but throw the back ground out a bit.

I was so hoping to recapture the pic, that is being used as the header pic of my blog.  But that would have meant sitting with the elephants all day, and there were plenty more animals there i wanted to see.   The people working at the zoo seemed really nice, they were always smiling and said hello when you walked by them.  Also i noticed, that the smell of poop was not to strong through out the park.  The zoo keepers must really keep up on it, or “wild” animal poo does not stink too bad.  Any way.  I will shut up and now on to the pics.  Here are my twenty keepers!

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