The moon is not made of cheese

Last night right when the store was about to close  Steve set up the Nikon 500mm f4. He then added the 1.7 teleconverter to it.  That was equal to a 850mm lens. Now i have a crop sensor, so all you geeks that want to play that game, it was as if i was shooting with a 1275mm lens. As if the lens magically grows, like when Pinocchio   lies and his nose grows.

I have take several pictures of he moon in the past, and i fee that my exposure i dead on but my focal length was always too short.  For the first time I feel that  finally got it.

Here is my exposure:
0471-ISO 100, SS 1/125, f16
0472-ISO 100, SS 1/200, f16
0473-ISO 100, SS 1/400, f16
0474-ISO 100, SS 1/800, f16
0475-ISO 100, SS 1/1600, f16
0476-ISO 100, SS 1/3200, f16
0477-ISO 100, SS 1/6400, f16

I made the different exposures so I coudl do some HDR later.   I imagine that i will post them here as well.


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