Taking over Raleigh by Natural Light.

Most of you know i am not a huge fan of natural light children portraits.  So in a way i  figured I would show how darn easy it is to do.  Here is the catch though.  a few of the pics i am about to post have flash.  Can the natural light kids portrait photogs spot which ones are flash pics?


Veggin on the couch.

So working long retail hours has a result of just sitting on the couch at night not wanting to do much after work.  I have how ever has some motivation to make a few pictures.

These are just very simple portraits.  Still sorta fun to do.  I rented the alien bee B800 from work, just to test it out and get a little more familiar with it.  Since every one asks for them and there are no dealers.  AB likes to keep the sales online.  I guess just having alright lights and fancy hipster colors, is a good way to market your self.  I imagine what would happen if i showed up to a job interview for Senior Photo Editor for Mens Health wearing a bright Yellow shirt.

Enough about the casings of the lights.  I had found through a sekonic light/flash meter that the  B800 was not consistant.  The light was powered at 1/4 power and it was + or – 2/3rds stops.  Something i had never had happen when i was playing with my beloved Elinchrom Ranger Quadras.    I am not going to get in to it about one verses the other because  of cost, etc….    But the next $2300 i come across will be put into the Quadras.

Ok about the layout of the lighting.  right smack dab in front of me behind the camera was the B800 in the 28″ Westcott Apollo.  My fave.  Right smack dab behind me and the santa backdrop was just one of my Vivitar 285’s set to 1/4 power.  As for my prop, that is my Air Soft Taurus PT 24-7 CO2  Diamond Crusted Jesus Piece.  Yeah a little throw back  to some great Kanye West.   made the damn thing over a weekend to give to my former room mate/BFF man crush, DJS (David Jackson  Smith)  for his birthday.  I guess  he left it so that i would always have a little bit left behind to remember him by.  All it takes to be a loser for a weekend it 400 little sticker jewels and some very bad made for TV movies on Netflix.  I secretly  want to make another one!   I have an Airsoft H&K MP5 that would look shiggity schweet all jersey shored out!