It is very hard to be motivated to make images when you are surrounded by cameras, images and photo talk all day long. I work in the industry in camera gear sales. I come home to the loves of my life, one of which is a photog her self. She really wanted me to get more motivated and shoot more. It really is hard too. My excuse is that I do not have the space and or gear any longer to make a good image. I was truly spoiled when I had studio space. I loved so much having space out side my home that I can go and spend and not be bothered with stuff around my house.

My favorite part of having my own studio was inviting my friends over to just chill and snap a few pic of them. To me back then there was nothing better than having gear, friends and brew flowing. I felt much more creatively alive back then. I had more patience to build up an image. I hope that I get back to that feeling again. But for now, here are a few pics of my most favorite little person.