Camera Geek Excitement

Not too often do I get excited about Camera gear.  I am surrounded by it every day at work.  Two weeks ago was different.  Something came in and i just had to go play for two days.  With half the world wondering if they should switch to Mirrorless, there are many options.  All are crap except one.  Seriously look at the Fijifilm “X” cameras.  Two weeks ago a Fujifilm x-pro1 came in on trade.  I thought that it was pretty cool, so i started to play a bit in the store.  I was impressed.  I then slapped the 56mm f1.2 on it and was blown away.  2/3rds of the store was on my same wave length.  WOW…  I played with the x-pro1 and the 18-55mm f2.8-4 for two nights.  I think I have found a new camera system.  So much that I plan on renting one for the next wedding that we have booked.  Check out the simple snap shots I made and then go out and get a Fujifilm X-T1 camera.  All were shot with the Monochrome with yellow filter preset.

_DSF3556 _DSF3557 _DSF3558 _DSF3560 _DSF3561 _DSF3582 _DSF3585 _DSF3588