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Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer turned IT Guru. Amateur Mountain Biker. Just a note, when contacting me text me first, so i can place a name with the number.

Camera Geek Excitement

Not too often do I get excited about Camera gear.  I am surrounded by it every day at work.  Two weeks ago was different.  Something came in and i just had to go play for two days.  With half the world wondering if they should switch to Mirrorless, there are many options.  All are crap except one.  Seriously look at the Fijifilm “X” cameras.  Two weeks ago a Fujifilm x-pro1 came in on trade.  I thought that it was pretty cool, so i started to play a bit in the store.  I was impressed.  I then slapped the 56mm f1.2 on it and was blown away.  2/3rds of the store was on my same wave length.  WOW…  I played with the x-pro1 and the 18-55mm f2.8-4 for two nights.  I think I have found a new camera system.  So much that I plan on renting one for the next wedding that we have booked.  Check out the simple snap shots I made and then go out and get a Fujifilm X-T1 camera.  All were shot with the Monochrome with yellow filter preset.

_DSF3556 _DSF3557 _DSF3558 _DSF3560 _DSF3561 _DSF3582 _DSF3585 _DSF3588



It is very hard to be motivated to make images when you are surrounded by cameras, images and photo talk all day long. I work in the industry in camera gear sales. I come home to the loves of my life, one of which is a photog her self. She really wanted me to get more motivated and shoot more. It really is hard too. My excuse is that I do not have the space and or gear any longer to make a good image. I was truly spoiled when I had studio space. I loved so much having space out side my home that I can go and spend and not be bothered with stuff around my house.

My favorite part of having my own studio was inviting my friends over to just chill and snap a few pic of them. To me back then there was nothing better than having gear, friends and brew flowing. I felt much more creatively alive back then. I had more patience to build up an image. I hope that I get back to that feeling again. But for now, here are a few pics of my most favorite little person.

Occupy Fail

Occupy Raleigh really had their hands full here in this huge ass metropolis named Raleigh. Less than a dozen people deemed it their task to take down all the “Evil” corporations here in the Raleigh City Limits. It looks like they had success. Not a single “Evil” local corporation closed their doors in shame.

What they did do is piss most every one off down town and make a little grassy lot on the corner of Edenton and West Streets a huge pile of Junk.

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Evil Corporations in Raleigh-1

Occupy Raleigh- Huge pile of Junk

New Kids on the block

No not the crappy boy band from the late 80’s and early 90’s. I am talking about the SAS: San Antonio Scorpions. They just joined the league after the announcement back in 2010. Well tonight they beat the Railhawks 1-nill. I didn’t realize that last years Railhawk, Pablo Campos was a member of the Scorpions. It as great to see him on the pitch tonight.

Like always tonights game was shot with my D7000 and the Tamron 7-200 f2.8. Shutter was between 1/400-1/640 and my aperture was f4. ISO kept creeping up with the light going down. Hope you like pics.

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Back to my old tricks

Another season has started for the Carolina Railhawks. Again I will be on the side lines. I have really enjoyed last season ad look forward to this new season, and new team. Rennie Martin left for bigger and better things. The White caps in the MLS are very fortunate to have him.

The Railhawks had their season home opener against the Atlanta Silverbacks. Final score was 4-4. Here are the images from the game. I admit did feel a bit rusty out on the pitch

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MTB pics

In the past i have taken my camera with me when i was out on a trail with my MTB pals. Snapped a few here and there. Actually handed off my camera to a friend to get a few of my biting it and ending up a little sore in a few places. Geof at the store for the most part was a dedicated roadie. Most weekends heading out on a some what local Randoneuring route for 200- 1200K. Some new bug got him and he bought a mountain bike.

Here are so images of my friends during the 2012 Bushwacker race out at Lake Crabtree.

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