What is in my bag

First off what bags do I use? I am a complete Utilitarian when it comes to this stuff. I currently use the Think Tank Photo Street Walker Hard Drive.   Before my collection of gear, I was using the Lowepro Mini Trekker Classic.  It is an older bag from them, but similar to this bag.  Now everything is in the Streetwalker Hard Drive, but I want to use a two bag system.  That sounds weird and cumbersome but I want to keep my speedlight gear seperate.  Only because my beautiful girlfriend used my gear as well.   She uses one speedlight  where I like to use many.  No need for her to carry around tons of speedlight gear.


I use  Full Frame and a Crop Sensor cameras.  They are the Nikon D3 and the Nikon D7000.  Each one has been wonderful for me, I can not complain about the image quality from either one.  I know the new stuff is way better than what I have, but i will someday move up to the D4 or D4s as well as another Full Frame.  (Working on saving up for all that expense.)

Lenses, wide to tele:

Nikon AF 18-35mm f3.5-5.6 D IF- ED

Nikon AF 50mm f1.4D

Nikon AF-S 60mm f2.8G ED

Tamron SP 70-200mm f2.8 Di


2 Nikon SB-28 Speedlights. These are wonderful and powerful. Most of the time they sit at 1/32 power or 1/64 power. I like the tiny little blip so I can shoot the lenses a bit more wide open. Most feel that they are old technology. Since I am use to shooting in full manual it just feels right to have them.

Phottix Mitros TTL Speedlight. This flash really surprised me. The features and power packed in a medium sized flash head. It is bigger than my SB-28’s but just smaller than a Nikon SB-910. More powerful too. The guide number is 58. Compared to the SB-28 and the SB-910 at 36 and 34 as guide numbers. My original thought for purchase the cost, power and I needed an TTL flash. Thought I would give this a try.

Flash Triggers

6 receivers and 2 transmitters of the Phottix Strato trigger system. With over two years using this system I have had very little headache with them. They are small, slim and reliable. Every time I think there is an issue it is just the 2 AAA batteries that have run down. This also doubles as my wireless camera trigger. The range on them is awesome, 100m. I have tested them to roughly 50 meter with no issues with signal.

Phottix Strato TTL. This is the new set of triggers that I have picked up. I needed something to work with the Mitros flash in TTL. Ease of use was key. I had tried to mess about with the pocket wizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5. I have come to the conclusion that I am not smart enough for Pocket Wizards. The Strato TTL has an LCD to navigate them better than the PW’s and There is no syncing like in the PW’s. That was huge for me. I didn’t want to go through 5 steps before I could use a product. Plus the PW sequence of turning the system on was odd. AA batteries for a power source, and after 4 months no hick ups or miss fires. I recommend them to most everybody that comes into my store.


Nikon MC-30 wired remote. A must have for any one that has a large Nikon Camera. It is the standard 10 pin remote for the Nikon system. It has been around for some time, and works like a champ. I think the hand grip could due to be a bit longer.

B+W UV haze filters. Two words…… Schneider Glass. I truly wonder about those people that bitch about filters and don’t use them. I guess they are only use to the shitty Best Buy Rocket Fish filters or maybe the old Ritz Cameras Quantaray. With the Schneider filters, you are working with quality Glass that is on par or better than Nikon “N” or Canon “L” glass.

(More to come, the beautiful girl friend needs the computer)


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