Merging Obsessions

the other day I had a bit of motivation, so I set up a roll of white seamless and some lights. Then out came the many Chelsea Jerseys i have collected through the past few years.  So with out any help it turned in to self portrait night in my kitchen.  By doing so I felt that I have a lack of lighting, and should add to the collection.  At the same time I am limited by the number of wireless triggers too.  It seems that it is always the case.  Too many other pieces to get at the same time.

What could i acheive with more lights and triggers.  How much it too much?  Do i go with the speed lights or invest in larger amounts of lights with and with out battery packs.  At work we took in on trade an Alien Bee B800 something or another….  It is a pretty good light, but what i found out, this may be different for other people, is that my sync speed from my D7000 dropped a bit.  I am comparing it to most every other light I have fired.  My normal sync speed is 1/250.  With the B800 i saw that i had to lower it a tad to 1/200.  Now that really is not a big deal for what i shoot with flash, but say i was in to using big ol’ macho lights at a sporting event?  the third stop could make a difference in the ability to stop motion.

My Chelsea Jerseys….

Back to my original thought.  The lighting in the pics is just a simple 3 light set up.  From behind the seamless was my Vivitar 285HV ,  camera left was the AB B800 with a photoflex 2×3 box., camera right was one of my old Interfit 100 watt’ers sitting in a Westcott Apollo.  If i could i would have liked more light.  All were turned down way low in power.  Didnt want to have to shoot at f22.  I like to sit at f4-f8.  Hope you like em.  I know i have a stupid grin on my face.  can not help that!