Fun toys i look forward too……

It is not a lie, i love lighting modifiers.  Not sure it there is a support group or a pill i need to take for that.  Bigger is better, is my thought about it.  For studio work when i get a chance to use the Elinchrome Quadras or the Interfit Stellar Extreme, out come my 48″ octo and or my 30×40 box.   Here recently i have been not bringin out the bigguns and just stuck with the Vivitar 285’s and the SB-26.  For those it is either the Honl grid or the Westcott Apollo.

What Westcott has decided to treat me with are these, Magic Slippers!  Also there will be a 36″ octo to fit your speedlite.  I am way stoked.  There will be sample images soon, the day we get them in from Wescott.

The strobist movement has been pretty fun.  I sorta still have a bad taste in my mouth for it.  Not because i do not think it is not real lighting.  I have quite enjoyed my time just using speedlite.  What it is, is the DIY crowd in strobists.  The Systems Network guy that thinks he can make a better beauty dish from his wife’s cooking ware.  Come on dude the companies making all the cool gadgets for our flashes spent way too much money to make sure the light modifier is outputting the best light possible.  Besides i much rather be out shooting with my way cool toy, than sitting in my kitchen putting 100 plus hours, getting it just right.

Here are some links to a few companies that make modifiers for speedlites.


here is my second favorite thing named Apollo!


More Pics from the Carolina Railhawks.

So for over a year and a half now i have been telling customers coming in to Peace Camera how wonderful the Tamron SP  AF 70-200 f2.8 lens is.  I have had several opportunities to shoot with this lens around the store and in the neigborhood around the store.  I always have been pleased with the image quality.

Last week right before i set out to the Railhawks game i bought the lens.  I know i would have, i just had things line up perfectly to were i could afford it and not drain my savings.  I am wicked stoked about this lens btw.

I have heard from others that people do not like the Tamron as well as the Nikon or Canon versions for several reasons.  The lens that the big boys make in this focal length are great, i love them.  Yes one day i will buy the Nikon 70-200 f2.8, but right now I can not come up with a spare $2400.  But when i do i am highly doubtful that i would sell my Tamron copy.

This Lens is every thing i need right now.  People say that the Autofocus is not a accurate and slower that the big guys. What the hell are those people making pics of?  My guess is their ADHD child that just finished a BoJangles Sweet tea and a Redbull.  Yeah i would guess you need a wicked fast AF system to handle that action.  That too your entry level dslr’s( Rebel T3, T3i, D3100 and D5100’s) do not have an Advanced AF system, say as the D3 or a 1D Mk IV.  So you are gonna miss the shot any way.

There are ways to make your AF Faster and more accurate.  Come in to Peace Camera and i will  tell you.  I am not giving that one away free today, here!

I digress. I shoot soccer now for the New and Observer.  I have enjoyed it so  much.  I have not had any issues with the Tamrons 70-200 f2.8 while doing so.  It is sharp and it amazes me every time i use it.  Now for the pics.

Shot with the Nikon D7000.  ISO 800-3200, f2.8-f4,  minimum of 1/640.

Tripods version 2.0

  According to Steve:

Continuing on the subject of tripods (steadying devices), I’m going to expand.  In the field, sometimes carrying a bulky tripod is impractical.  The are many excellent substitutes.  For instance, Slik makes this really nice, medium duty, clamp head 32.  At just under 1 pound, it is a camera bag must.  Its 2 jaws clamp onto a tree branch, a pipe, a tube from 22mm-32mm wide.  At just $55.00, it can be a shot saver.

For a much heavier load, the Manfrotto Super Clamp, is truly super.  It can mount on any surface up to about 2 inches thick, ie tables, chairs, shelves, ladders, etc.  It can support up to 35 pounds.  Aside from just supporting a camera, they can also support lights or reflectors.  Then there is the old fashion bean bag which now comes premade including tripod screw.

There is no law that says you may only have one tripod.  Professional photographers will often have several tripods of differing weights and sizes.  Also, the is no rule that says if you are 6’ tall, that your tripod must be al least the same.  Some of my best tripod shots were taken on one knee at as low an angle as I could stand.

Two weeks ago, I was demonstrating a Nikon 500mm F4 lens (approximately 15 lbs.) to a customer.  She went to her car and brought out a nice Manfrotto tripod with a video type fluid head.  We mounted the lens on the head, and to my amazement it worked wonderfully.  Both the vertical and horizontal movements were silky smooth and effortless.  Steve learns something new!

My New Gig.

Wow what a special treat for you all today.  Two posts in one day.  Fortunate enough for you, they are mostly photo posts and no too much of me carrying on about how great o a photographer i am.

But any ways,A few weeks ago i heard back from the Photo Editor from the local paper and got things set up to shoot he local Pro Soccer Team, the Carolina Railhawks. 

They are great bunch of guys, and a great value for entertainment for a family.  To top that off they are number one in the league and killing every one in total points. 15 points over the second place team, Puerto Rico Islanders.  Interesting thing is, that the Islanders beat the Railhawks last season for the league championship.

So my rig for the game i shot last week on the 30th, was my Nikon D7000. and the Nikon 80-200 f2.8.  ISO was 800-3200, f4 and 1/500-1/640 for the shutter speed. Oh what really saved me that night was the cool little seat we have from clik elite.

cool comfy seat.

So any way take a look at the pics and hit me up let me know what you think.

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Been a bit lazy lately

Here are a few pics of the Juventus vs. Chivas back on July 28th.  I had a great time shooting the game.

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Shot with the Nikon D7000 with the Nikon AF 80-200 f2.8.  ISO….800-3200,f4 and 1/500.  Personally I am not happy with the white balance, i need to open them up in CS4 to fine tune them.

A quick word about photo classes.

Several of you all know that i had been teaching classes on photography.  I am taking a break at the moment, but will pick them up some time in the near future.  I just wanted to share with you a link to a friend of the stores who is coming to town from Charlotte.  He has a work shop series, i wanted to share with you all.  Here is the link to the post on Peace Cameras blog about the class.
Give him a call, or hit up his link to sign up.  It should be a great class, even though you would not get to see my smiling face! HAHAHA!